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Heads In The Sand?

Congressmen (and candidates) have heads in the sand on Obama Eligibility

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“The Congressman thinks it is better to simply allow the election process to take place and focus on the message.” So said a staffer at (Rep. South Carolina) Mick Mulvaney’s office. This came after I spoke with Mulvaney at the District 5 convention. He told me he had heard of Sheriff Joe, but was unaware of other documents. At his bidding, I began sending materials to his office, only to be told that he really isn’t going to deal with it.

The same sort of response came from Rep. SC Jeff Duncan. Only Congressman Duncan did send me a letter that appears to have come from him directly. At least he acknowledged being aware of the controversy, but I would like to know when Hawaii vouched for the authenticity of the BC and what expert at U of PA decided it was real.

“Although initially refusing to release information on his birth certificate claiming privacy laws, Hawaii’s Health Director and Head of Vital Statistics have examined and vouched for the authenticity of President Obama’s birth certificate. The document has also been reviewed and deemed authentic by experts at the University of Pennsylvania, and it has been the subject of numerous court cases, including appeals that were rejected by the United States Supreme Court. Furthermore, I am aware that Maricopa County (AZ) Sheriff Joe Arpaio and others are leading investigations into this matter. I am also aware that President Obama’s own literary agent used “born in Kenya” as part of the Obama biography in 1991.”

Senator Lindsey Graham wrote back with the standard liberal talking points. I was so frustrated I didn’t even save his exact letter, but he basically said that Obama is a” natural born citizen”n because he was born in Hawaii on August 4, 1961 and he is eligible to be president because he met the required age at the time of his election. I thought his letter was one of mind numbing ignorance.

Senator Demint has not commented.

Candidate Mitt Romney avoids the issue, in spite of spending time with Donald Trump. He brushes it off by saying that he doesn’t agree with all of his supporters.

South Carolina Attorney General Alan Wilson gave me the deer-in-the-headlights look as if he had no idea what I was talking about. Maybe it was just the music in the convention hall.

My latest query was with Joe the Plumber in what turned out to be a one-on-one internet press conference. Joe was clearly and understandably more interested in talking about his platform as a candidate, but I wanted to know where he stands on the issue. Is he at least aware of it? If he were elected, once in Congress, would he insist on and support an investigation to reveal the truth about Obama? After all, even if Obama is replaced, a crime has been committed on his behalf, and the American people deserve to know the truth.

Joe’s answer was that he has talked for hours with Sheriff Arpaio and realizes that there are a lot of questions. However, he said, “I can do nothing about it, and I’m choosing to focus on my message.” His message is one of reforming the tax code and reducing the federal debt. We agree wholeheartedly that his message is important and certainly hope he beats his incumbent.

I don’t, however, really agree with Joe Wurzelbacher that he “can do nothing about it,” at least beyond a certain point. Like all Americans, none of us individually can do anything about it, and the Obama camp counts on that and is hoping to keep us silent long enough to keep us from realizing that it would only take a few politicians or judges or sheriffs or States Attorneys General to band together in search of truth, and all of our voices would be magnified a hundred fold. They threaten, intimidate, or buy off the conservative leaders, complicit with the media, knowing that without those leaders to back us, our road to the truth is very difficult indeed.

One response from Candidate Wurzelbacher was amazing to me, but is not a reflection on him so much as it is on the entire political machine in DC. He said that Sheriff Arpaio “doesn’t have enough.” That seems to be an echo of the attitude of everyone in Congress. They are busy “focusing on the message.” What message could possibly be more important than the possibility that Americans have been tricked into electing an imposter, and, if the Democrats have their way, will be tricked again into reelecting him. It is a threat to the very core of American identity and to the intentions of our founders to protect us from being under the influence of rule of a foreign power by virtue of a president whose interests lie elsewhere.

If pushed for a direct answer, others—like Rep. Duncan and Senator Lindsey—brush it off with a non-answer, suggesting a resolution that has never existed.

Just for the record, how much would be “enough.” The following are facts, not any one’s opinion. How many of these would be needed to put an ordinary citizen in jail? In no particular order—

• Obama has spent close to two million dollars to hide his school and college records. If you don’t have anything to hide, why hide it?

• Obama’s alleged “long form birth certificate” was demonstrated to be an electronically created document by scanning and digital experts within hours of its release. This cobbled together job was confirmed by Mike Zulo at Sheriff Joe’s press conference.

• Obama has a selective service card with a two digit year stamp although the post office never had any such stamp.

• Obama has used multiple social security numbers, and the one he uses now is a Connecticut number.

• The flight manifests from Kenya to Hawaii for the week of Obama’s birth are completely missing and the excuse from Kenya doesn’t hold up.

• For 16 years, Obama himself never refuted a publisher bio that said he was born in Kenya. Only when he decided to run for President did he change it to Hawaii. One or the other was a lie. Which one?

• Obama had citizenship in Indonesia according to the Indonesian grades school admissions record. When did he take his American citizenship back, if indeed he ever had it?

There is a lot more, but that’s more than enough to get any American investigated, and if convicted, sent to prison for a long time. Indeed, as Senator McCain discovered, just the suggestion that he might not have been eligible led to an intense scrutiny of all his records by the Democrats—with whom the term “birther” actually originated. If any Republican President had gotten close to the White House with this short list of unanswered questions, he would have been impeached virtually overnight.

Why is Obama held to different standards? Why, for that matter, is he held to no standard whatsoever beyond the rhetoric of his own lies?

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