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By: Thomas N. Tabback 


On January 15, 2010, in Huntington, IN a gathering of some three hundred American Patriots took the first major step towards restoring our One Nation Under GOD, where Liberty and Justice for the We The People shall reign once more.


The Huntington Tea Party hosted a "Stand for Freedom" candidate forum for United States Senate and Indiana General Assembly hopefuls seeking to unseat incumbents this year. However, this was not to be simply another in a long line of well-scripted candidate meet-and-greets, where We The People hear much from the candidates, but come to understand little about where they truly stand.


In order that the people would know who had come to vie for their votes, I came to speak before this gathering to issue a challenge to both voters and candidates alike. It was a challenge of Truth, for we must know that we are not placing kings and queens before us, but servants of the people.


Thomas N. Tabback - "Who Will Fight For One Nation Under God?" (video)



The men who stepped forward to answer the call for One Nation Under GOD, in order, were Richard Behney for U.S. Senate (opposing incumbent Evan Bayh), Andy Lyons for Indiana's 5th District congressional seat, Ron Fusselman for the 50th District state representative seat, Marlin Stutzman for U.S. Senate, Don Bates Jr. for U.S. Senate, and Tom Wall for the 17th District state senate seat.


Those who did not step forward, I will not mention.


What followed was a prayer for the Lord's wisdom and guidance, we seven men, hand in hand, along with the entire congregation of voters gathered. We prayed that the Truth would be revealed in these candidates, that we may know the lion for the people among them, for only the Lord knows a man's heart.


Brothers and sisters, this is how We The People reclaim our nation of promise, and restore it to its founding principles. These principles are, unequivocally, rooted in the Lord's Truth. If we do not pursue this Truth in such a bold and overt manner, then by the hands of strangers, whom we call Senator, Representative and even President, We The People will seal our own fate. We must know these men and women who stand before us, claiming to be champions for the people, but may in Truth, cleave to the darkness. We must guard and nurture our land of the free and home of the brave, for it is the inheritance of our generations to come. What fruit can grow from seeds sown on bad soil? What tender shoot can survive if left unattended before the thorns and thistles? We need the Light of Truth once more, for then we will know right from wrong and good from evil.


It is Truth that neither politics nor ideology, nor any endeavor of man can deliver our nation. These are the things that have gradually pushed our country off the great rock of our foundation, leaving us now precariously dangling over the abyss. It must be the Lord to whom we turn for healing and deliverance. We The People must repent for our desperate and covetous pursuit for the riches of the world, through which we have forfeited the greatest of the Lord's Commandments, spoken by Christ:


And thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind, and with all thy strength.


Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself.


( Mark 12: 30-31)


Therefore, remember and apply this Truth Serum to any who presume to represent us, that we indeed, appoint only those who will in faith and firm resolve, fight to restore our One Nation Under GOD:


  • He or she must fight, incessantly, against any law or policy that destroys Life.


  • He or she must fight against law or policy that promotes and encourages the ways of Sodom and Gomorrah.


  • He or she must fight against any law or policy requiring We The People to deny Christ The Lord, and makes unwelcome any symbol or expression of our faith in our public square.



It will not take millions of Americans marching on Washington, DC to restore our nation to its people, but just one American. It will not take millions shouting out in protest, but one who is willing to speak boldly the Truth where most inconvenient. It will not take millions to arise from their slumber, but one, who will see the grass for what it is, who will submit to the Lord's will, who will dare to challenge the establishment of power, and who will bend no knee to a king. It will not take millions of Americans, but YOU, fully awake, ablaze with courage and confidence in the Lord, to compel the great king and queen to bow before the Lord.


Let your voice be the next to boldly proclaim the Truth before any who wish to steward our great nation. Let no man or woman who presumes to represent you deny Truth. Let them step forward in the name of the Lord and stand tall for One Nation Under GOD. Let them testify to their spirit and determination to undo all the wrong that has been done in the name of the world, which their predecessors so faithfully served. Let We The People bear witness to the man or woman of Truth, if there be one among them. Let us beseech the wisdom and revealing spirit of the Lord that we may not merely see, but perceive, not only hear, but understand.


It must be that only a candidate of Truth may earn our votes. If no candidate of Truth will come forward, then we must turn to Christ The Lord, and write in His name in their place. In this way, We The People will ensure that Truth, Justice and Liberty will be preserved for our children and many generations to come.


God Bless Your New Year And Always Speak The Truth!


Posted by: Thomas N. Tabback at 3:46 PM | Wednesday - January 20, 2010


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